Many people confuse termites with flying ants. There are differences in appearance and behaviors.
Winged ants have elbowed antennae, long front legs and a narrow waist. Termites have straight antennae, short legs and no discernible waistline. Ants are different all together.
Termites will only swarm once or twice a year. When they do swarm it is usually only for a few hours on a sunny day. Flying termites do not cause any damage, but their offspring can.

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Types of Termites:


A worker termite remains hidden inside wood or earth. It resembles an ant, except that the subterranean worker termite is grayish-white, instead of red or black, has thick waist and straight antennae. His job is to feed the colony, so he travels between the ground and nest through tubes cut into the wood.


A soldier termite remains hidden inside wood or earth. A soldier termite resembles a worker termite except for a longer, armored head with large jaws. He defends the colony against ants and other predators.


Young queen termites swarm to form new colonies. A queen termite is brownish or black with a thick waist and two pairs of wings equal in length. Her only duty is to lay eggs.

Home Inspection

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